F3 View pdf, docx, xlsx, odt, ods

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F3 View pdf, docx, xlsx, odt, ods

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Hi all,
I have been using and recommending Salamander for about 15 or more years.
It has always been great, but since a couple of years I feel there is some sort of a standstill.
Where is support for pdf (after 1.5, 1.6), open office, MS.office -x.

I do love Salamander but there have been - over the years - so many occasions when a simple F3 does no longer suffice to reveal a quick glance of the file contents.

Jan and friends, is there going to be a catching up to file extensions which are around for many, many years now.

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Re: F3 View pdf, docx, xlsx, odt, ods

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Any number of formats out there that would be useful addition to F3.

.json comes to mind, of late. .sqlite, perhaps. (Certainly would be useful, just don't know how easy to do?)
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Re: F3 View pdf, docx, xlsx, odt, ods

Post by Ether »

There's a plugin for viewing JSON.
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