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Whisper the path to copy/move

Posted: 15 Oct 2019, 11:39
by pokorny
it would be great, if I want to copy/move the file/directory to whisper the path. If I start to write the name of the directory where I want to copy/move (doesnt mather if it is in left or right panel), the Altap could be whisper the name with characters he can found in both panels.
Best regards Michal Pokorný

Pokud chci zkopírovat soubor/adrsář a začnu do okýnka psát jméno adresáře, ať už z protějšího nebo ze svého okna, mohlo by mi to napovídat toto jméno, abych to nemusel psát celý a případně, abych se trefil do toho, který chci.

Re: Whisper the path to copy/move

Posted: 17 Oct 2019, 20:44
by SvA
  • You should get the path of the other panel already filled in.
  • You can enter a path relative to the current panel's path. Use .. to ascend one level, ..\.. to ascend two etc.
  • You can retrieve the path of either panel using a shortcut or using the folder button on the right
I am aware of the fact, that this cannot replace the drop-down menu that windows displays, nor the navigation that Explorer provides in its address bar, nor the path completion found in the Cmd console window. But it still help reducing the amount of typing required.