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Checksum: Verify multiple .md5 files at once

Posted: 13 Jun 2010, 18:21
by Maxime
Hi All,

Each time I copy a big file to an external HDD, I generate a .md5 checksum to be sure that the file will not be corrupted when I'll transfer it back to another HDD.
Therefore, most of the time, I have a .md5 corresponding to each single file on my HDD, not a .md5 covering multiple files.

If I transfer several files and their corresponding .md5 to another location, although I can select all the .md5 files and call the "Verify checksum" feature of the Checksum plugin, it will only check the first file selected. Therefore, I have to call the "Verify checksum" for each separate file I want to check. Not very logical and quite time-consuming...

Could you consider adding a feature to check all .md5 files selected in the panel, sequentially, and list the results in the same window?

Many thanks!

Regards from France,

Re: Checksum: Verify multiple .md5 files at once

Posted: 20 Jun 2010, 16:30
by Hadez

I may have a temporary solution for you.
If your .md5 files end with a new line, which is crucial, select them with a *.md5 mask and run the "Combine Files" command (Split & Combine plugin).
Then you only have to hit Ctrl+Shift+V on the resulting file to get all files checked.
If you employ keyboard shortcuts along the way, this method can be quite fast. (You can add a custom shortcut for the "Combine Files" command.)