PuTTY (or equivalent)

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PuTTY (or equivalent)

Post by Svantie »

Looked thrue the forums for this, seen a lot of quesitons like this but not exactly so i made this request:

We have SCP in Salamander, something i have seen and like very much. Tested it for a few days and it worked flawlessly.

Can we PLEASE have PuTTY also intergrated in it. Would be even more awesome if there would be a config in the options to point to the path of the PuTTY client. Me for instance use KiTTY (derived from PuTTY) and others use another fork from it.

A PuTTY like thingy is the only thing i'm missing from Salamander. Having that option in Salamander would make it the most perfect all-round tool for windows computers. I bet that would convince more people to buy Salamander.

I tested the trial function and loved everything from Salamander but missing the PuTTY / KiTTY or whatever intergration.
I really hope this can be implemented
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Re: PuTTY (or equivalent)

Post by SvA »

What kind of integration are you looking for, that you cannot easily achieve using user menu or automation plugin or is handled by the scp plugin already?
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