Copy Path + Name as Text (Alt+Insert) enhancements

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Re: Copy Path + Name as Text (Alt+Insert) enhancements

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wqweto wrote:The family of `Copy ... as Text` actions under `Edit` menu does not work as expected when multiple files are selected. If a selection is present in current pane (red rows) it would be very handy if all names/path+names are copied on separate lines in the clipboard.
Why would you expect the format to be one <whatever> per line? Why not separated by the locale's list separator, or quoted and separated by space, or separated by comma, or in OEM rather than in ANSI codepage or ... ?
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Re: Copy Path + Name as Text (Alt+Insert) enhancements

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Interesting thread. I only have the one hand now: car accident created MOUSE-ONLY usage. Keyboard is clumsy, compared to mouse-clicks.

Instead of the "(Alt+Insert) enhancements", I use:

(1) "CopyPathSetup.exe", 607 KB (622,271 bytes).
The url is: ... 37174.html

It works for all file managers, I think, as a right-click choice. There are others as well, with more choices, but I don't use them

(2) PathCopyCopy 15.0.exe 1.29 MB (1,353,847 bytes)
(3) Pathc400,
(4) CopyFileName 1.98 MB (2,084,472 bytes)
(5) FullPathCopy 1.0.exe 911 KB (933,520 bytes)
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Re: Copy Path + Name as Text (Alt+Insert) enhancements

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