Viewers in AS

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Viewers in AS

Post by canefield »

Hey Altap,

One of the things I experience is that the build-in viewer is not capable to reproduce Microsoft products like Word, Excel, Projects and Visio. For MS Word only special features are not working, but it can not handle .docx or any other Office 2007 file format. Also viewing Visio drawings and view plans created in Projects will not work, is there any solution?

Perhaps this are things to build-in the new tremendous version of AS.

Thanks in advance,

Jan Rysavy
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Re: Viewers in AS

Post by Jan Rysavy »

You will probably do better with standalone (external) viewers. We do not plan to support more formats now.
Use Options > Configuration > Viewers & Editors > Viewers (or Alternate Viewers) to associate your external viewers.

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Re: Viewers in AS

Post by SvA »

You should consider supporting a viewer using the iPreviewHandler interface used in Windows Explorer's preview pane. This would cover an increasing number of file formats.

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Re: Viewers in AS

Post by Ether »

@SvA] Would these preview handlers suffice as (full-featured) viewers? I've thought that they show only part of the file, e.g. the first page of an document.
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