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Re: Unicode Support

Post by wrio »

Whats the meaning of search the formum for unicode? Are there solutions?
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Re: Unicode Support

Post by SelfMan »

no there are none, Unicode is simply not supported by Salamander and if you searched for the word unicode, you would get many results that say its not supported and it is unlikely that it will ever be. The developers have set Salamander free and have no more time for further development. There might be some fixes if bugs appear but thats all.
There is a option for Code Page Conversion Tables, but thats only for Central Europe, Cyrilic or Western Europe and is used for Viewers and code page convert plugin.
Options > Configuration > Language > Code page conversion tables

Unicode support itself is a VERY complicated and complex thing and its not easy to implement.
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Re: Unicode Support

Post by juria90 »

If the Unicode support will take longer,
can Altap open source the basic salamander and let community build features?

On top of that they can sell the enhanced functionality/plugins as paid option.
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