Disc Catalog like Adv. disk catalog

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Disc Catalog like Adv. disk catalog

Post by Rayden »

If I remember right there was already some time ago this idea,
but nothing happened since then regarding this request. Is it possible to add a media catalog to Salamander that can keep all discs contents in a database? So that if a user searches a file he knows is present on one of his CD's or DVD's, that he can simply browse in that index catalog?
I think this is a highly practical feature that will be used quite often.


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Post by mazy »

yes, i remember something like this mentioned too. maybe in the todo list or roadmap. would be handy, i'm using whereisit for this.
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Post by SvA »

I don't think we need such functionality in Salamander's core. But what we need is the release of the plugin SDK, so someone can create a file system plugin.

Until then you might consider to use Microsoft's robocopy or pixelab's xxcopy to create a copies of all your offline disks with 0 Byte files. This way you can browse your files collection. All you are missing is the file's size and, obviously, it's content. Such an 'archive' takes up very little space on your harddisk.
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