Renamer Plugin: Store the rename-pattern for later use

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Renamer Plugin: Store the rename-pattern for later use

Post by KNUT »

It would be very convenient, to store the rename-pattern for later use (like in Find - options)!
Example: I really often replace spaces in filename with a underscore (or "NULL").

I think about a list of stored rename-patterns in the dropdown-icon for the renamer plugin...
Or something like "connect" and "organize bookmarks" in the FTP-plugin

Kind regards, KNUT
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Post by AbteriX »

i wanna support this request
cos i want some time ago post the same.

We know that there is a drop down list
for each field to choose the older pattern....

But what i look for is a compled list
with the settings of ALL fields in the renamer i.e, e.g:
MASK: *.txt
Search for: new(.*)
Replace with: Test$1
Change Case...
and so on

Then later i wanna choose an rename set and get all settings as bevor

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