FTP Client: support FXP transfers

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FTP Client: support FXP transfers

Post by roman2 » 07 Aug 2006, 11:17


It would be great if you added soon an ability to copy/move from one FTP server to another and within the same server. The rest can wait :)

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Post by zarevak » 18 Mar 2007, 18:08


It's bad you need to download the file and upload it again, when you just need to copy the file to other directory on one FTP server.

Petr Solin
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Post by Petr Solin » 19 Mar 2007, 09:15

Yes, we plan it, but it has not so high priority as you would like. :)

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Post by cincura.net » 20 Mar 2007, 18:03

+1 from me. It's not must have from my POV, but it will be nice to have it.
Jiri {x2} Cincura

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