NT Event viewer plugin

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NT Event viewer plugin

Post by eblis » 26 Jun 2006, 09:26

An NT Event viewer plugin to allow you to view NT Event logs might be handy in some situations. It could behave mostly like the registry plugin does now.
I often need to check the event logs for any errors or warnings and i hate it that i have to switch from SS :)

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Post by AbteriX » 26 Jun 2006, 16:36

Hi eblis,

Altap have gave you an 'user menu' for e.g. add an link to such tools.


Command: eventVwr.msc
Initial Dir: $(FullPath)
[ ] execute througt shell
[ ] open shell window
[ ] close shell window
[x] show item

BTW @Altap:
you should allow use to emtpy the "Initial Dir" field for such issues ? Or ?
$(FullPath) doesn't hurts here, but it's unnecessary.

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Post by eblis » 26 Jun 2006, 16:41

Yes but that starts the event viewer management console. I was thinking altap could show the events in the panel, like they do with registry keys.

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