How to approach an iPhone with Altap Salamander?

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How to approach an iPhone with Altap Salamander?

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Hello everyone, my name is Jacques and I live in Belgium. Now for my issue, is there anyone who can explain how to approach an iPhone from within the Salamander application? While I've found that isn't really accessible like for example a harddrive or USB-drive. Why not? Well, easy enough it isn't declared as such in Windows Explorer. I see there are a lot of plug-in but is there any one that does what I'm looking for?

I've contacted the developer(team?) but in between sending a, e-mail and getting as response ?
Again, since it isn't the first time I requested help for that issue but so far, no response. So maybe of you guys/ladies have a solution other then for example needing to copy the files wanted on an iPone and transfer them to a harddrive for example? And yes, I know, Apple is very protective in regard to giving access on their iPhones/iPads in all. Can anybody help? Thank you so much it'll be much appreciated.

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Re: How to approach an iPhone with Altap Salamander?

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Hi, from the manual:
Getting Started with Windows Mobile Plugin
With Windows Mobile plugin you can access Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, Smartphone, and Windows CE devices. You can explore your mobile device's directories, view files, copy, move, delete, rename files and directories, or change their attributes. Microsoft's ActiveSync software must be installed on the desktop computer to connect plugin with your mobile device.
See File System section in Using Plugins for a description of basic work with file system plugins.
So technically -- Salamander can work with devices which support the Media Transfer Protocol. Which is supported by (I think) all Android phones. iPhone's iOS SSDK does not support MTP. You can access the files only when you install iTunes and the driver. Yet you won't be able to access the iPhone from Salamander. You should read this article
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Re: How to approach an iPhone with Altap Salamander?

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Actually iPhones can connect to Windows via MTP too.

The point here is they needed iTunes to connect because there were issues with MTP. There has been update in MTP driver for Apple devices.

The iTunes uses Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.

For the MTP device (iPhone in this case) to be seen at File Explorer, Altap Salamander for that matter, it has to use the MTP USB Device driver, which has been updated. If you can not see your iPhone device in Windows Explorer need to update the MTP iPhone driver in order for you to see the files.

I have found nice summary page iPhone Missing From Windows 10 File Explorer
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