3.0B3, Full path is to long.

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3.0B3, Full path is to long.

Post by Robinzon » 05 Nov 2013, 11:05

If I want to delete some Internet cache files folders I often get the message: Cannot read directory ....<Directory Name>.... (3) The system cannot find the the path specified, and than the message ...<Directory Name>.... with full path too long.

This has probable because the file path is longer than the supported 260 characters, but Windows is able to create the files, and the Windows Explorer can delete the folders without any warning or error, so why can't Altap Salamander not do this as well?

Maybe you can create a fallback routine, if the default AS delete function is not able to work, switch to an other one, or give a pop-up to the user to ask if AS may switch or something.

just my two cent.

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Re: 3.0B3, Full path is to long.

Post by SelfMan » 06 Nov 2013, 00:38

This is more a unicode problem then the path length. Many such files have unicode characters in the file name and this is a known achiles heel of Salamander.

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