Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 1 (Preview Build 38)

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Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 1 (Preview Build 38)

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EDIT: this version is obsolete, it was replaced by Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 1 (Preview Build 44)

Note: If you are looking for latest release version, please download it here.

If you are interested in new Preview Build versions and you are using Altap Salamander 2.52 (or later), select Check for preview build versions check box in menu Options / Plugin Configuration / Check Version.
Altap Salamander 2.53 beta 1 (PB 38) Change List:
+ Added "Compare Directories: ignore time differences of exactly one or two hours"
  and changed "Time resolution of file compare (used in Compare Directories)" to
  "Compare Directories: ignore time differences up to". When Compare Directories
  detects pair of files with time difference of exactly one or two hours, it informs
  you that you can change settings to ignore it (to bypass DST related file time
  shifts). And when it should be ignored, it is, but it shows a note about how
  many pairs of files has this time difference.
+ Copy/Move dialog box: it is possible to save current options as defaults for further
  use. See the drop-down menu on Options button.
+ Find Files and Directories: new option Full Row Select in Options menu.
+ Support for accelerated mouse wheel scolling (scroll farther as you roll the wheel faster)
  introduced by MS IntelliPoint drivers. Supported in panels vertical scroll, horizontal scroll
  using Shift+Wheel, menu scroll, thumbnails resize using Ctrl+Wheel, viewer, etc.
  High resolution mouses are supported now.
+ Plugins Manager, plugins in menu: plugins are sorted alphabetically (default ON).
  It is possible to order plugins list manually in Plugins > Plugins Manager window.
+ When Ext column is separated, names with only one dot which is at the beginning
  (e.g. ".htaccess" or ".cvsignore") are displayed in Name column (they should be
  in Ext column but more users want them in Name column).
- When "Treat directories as if have extensions" (earlier "Sort by Extension:
  consider extensions in directories names") is ON and Ext column is separated,
  directories extensions are newly shown in Ext column.
+ Option "Select whole name (including extension) when entering new filename" changed 
  to "Select also filename extension in Quick Rename and Pack commands".
+ New option "Select also filename extension in Edit New File command", default on.
+ Shift+F4 (Edit New File) has new button with commands to save/revert default filename.
+ Support for longer commands in command line: approx. 4KB in W2K and 8KB in XP/Vista/Win7.
  See help for limits overview.
+ Support for longer User Menu commands: approx. 4KB in W2K and 8KB in XP/Vista/Win7
  when executing through shell (cmd.exe) and approx. 2KB in W2K/XP/Vista and
  32KB in Win7 when executing directly. See help for limits overview.
- External viewers and editors: removed limit of 260 characters for executed command line
  (viewer command followed by arguments).
- Maximal length of Containing text in Find Files and Directories and Find text in
  Internal Viewer was not the same (200 and 100 characters). It caused buffer overruns
  and found text in Find Files was not found in Internal Viewer (twice F3 keys in
  Found Items listview in Find window).
+ Import configuration from file to registry and export configuration from registry
  to file are handled by our own rutines (thanks to Jan Patera's RegLib library).
  It solves problem with escalation required by formerly used regedit.exe on Vista
  and Windows 7. Moreover also user without admin rights can import/export
  configuration now.
+ Exported configuration file can newly contain also clearing of the registry key
  with configuration. It avoids unwanted merge of current configuration in registry
  and configuration from file.
+ Vista or later: configuration is exported to application data directory (typically
  C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Altap\Altap Salamander) instead of installation
  directory (because it is probably in C:\Program Files which is read-only). Default
  configuration file (config.reg) is also searched in application data directory
  (if it is not found in installation directory). Relative file name in -C command
  line parameter is searched in the same way.
+ Added warning when importing configuration from file which does not contain
  configuration for current version of Salamander.
- Commands with more double quotes in command line are executed properly now (e.g.
  "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\UnRAR.exe" e "test.rar").
- Autoimport configuration after upgrading Salamander: if old configuration is empty,
  Salamander offers import from any available older valid nonempty configuration
  (instead of starting with default values).
+ Help/Task List: it is possible to terminate the current process too.
+ Added option "Use fast directory move on Novell Netware": turn ON when renaming
  directories in scope of one Novel Netware drive is working, it is much faster
  than moving all contained files and creating all necessary directories.
+ Smaller Registry footprint: colors are stored as DWORD instead of string (saving 20 
  bytes per item)
+ Smaller Registry footprint: Viewers configurations: Arguments/Command/Initial Directory
  values are not stored when values are default empty string.
- Drag and Drop crash: when some file was dropped to (Internet Explorer-downloaded) EXE with 
  ADS :Zone.Identifier, security confirmation was displayed (introduced in Win XP). Displayed 
  dialog box is not modal and doesn't return control (main thread) to our app queue. Another 
  drag&drop operations crashed Salamander. Now d&d is disabled while other d&d operation 
  is still running (same as Windows Explorer).
+ Options > Configuration > Appearance > Highlight focused row option: default changed to ON.
+ Files > Security > Owner command was removed (doesn't work from Windows Vista).
  Files > Security submenu was removed.
  Files > Security > Permissions command is now Files > Security.
- Files > Security command: The Security tab is displayed also on localized (Czech, German, etc) Windows.
+ Find Files and Directoris: it is possible to use Focus command when multiple items are selected.
- About Dialog Box: the bottom yellow gradient was short on computers with larger scale font 
  size (120 DPI). 
- Fixed horizontal panel scroll using mouse wheel tilting on Windows Vista with IntelliPoint
  drivers installed.
+ Plugins Manager remembers last selected plugin during one Salamander session.
- Alt+Mouse Wheel entered the main window window-menu (not visible).
+ Drive Information (Ctrl+F1) dialog box layout prepared for Exabytes.
- Plugin Bar: submenu icons were not displayed.
+ Plugins Manager window: better columns width calculation. Plugins with too long names will
  not scatter table anymore.

+ Vista or later: added support for starting installed Salamander and opening
  readme file from installer.
+ Vista or later: added support for installation from not administrator accounts
  (placing shortcuts to current user's folders instead of administrator's).
- When starting installed Salamander and opening readme file, their windows were
  not always activated properly (users had to click to them to activate them).
+ Installing program shortcut to folder Programs under Start Menu instead of
  directly to Start Menu (recommended by MS).
+ Shortcut for uninstalling Salamander is not installed into Start Menu any
  longer (recommended by MS). To uninstall Salamander go to Control Panel
  (XP: Add or Remove Programs, Vista/Win7: Uninstall a program).
+ Vista or later: if user wants to install program shortcut to desktop, he must
  select this option manually (recommended by MS). It is still not necessary
  under older Windows (it is selected by default).
+ Quick Launch is no longer supported in Windows 7. So we are not offering
  placing program shortcut to Quick Launch in Windows 7.
+ Removed option to install shortcuts to Start Menu Group (it is not recommended
  by MS - single program shortcut is enough).
+ Warning is displayed when installing Beta or Preview Build version (it is not
  for use in production environments; it is only for testing and time limited).
- Silent (unattended) installation mode worked only if the file with registration
  keys was in the same directory. Otherwise, files were copied, but remove.log
  and shortcuts were not created).
+ Silent (unattended) installation mode supports upgrading from older versions
  and reinstallation of the same version (repairing). If newer version is found,
  installation is skipped.
- Uninstallation on XP/XP64 from limited account offers Run As window to enable
  using of administrator account (limited account does not allow changes in
  Program Files directory).

+ Upgraded to 7z 9.07 Beta of 2009.08.29: new method LZMA2, deleting files from
  solid archives, 
+ Don't ask for the same password of a single archive multiple times.
+ Extracting archive: when all needed files are extracted, extraction is aborted
  (preventing useless extraction only to memory).

+ Added support for compressed ISO images of type ISZ. Only non-segmented non-encrypted
  images are supported.
+ Added support for BZIP2-compressed DMG packages.
- ISO9660: Safety check of LocationOfExtent & DataLength to prevent bogus filenames,
  allocating insane memory blocks, crashes. Reported by Ether in an image made by
  InfraRecorder with bogus boot sector of NoEmul type.

- Cancel didn't work on F6 on multi-volume archive when user was asked for the 1st
  volume file name.
- "Unknown error occured" no longer shown on missing volume of a multi-volume archive.
- "File can't be extracted because it is continued from a previous volume.
   To extract this file, you must start with a volume where file begins."
   no longer shown on skipping file spanned over multiple volumes.
- Fixed crash: SetSolidPassword not called when archive not yet opened.

File Comparator:
+ Support for accelerated mouse wheel scolling (scroll farther as you roll the wheel faster)
  introduced by MS IntelliPoint drivers. High resolution mouses are supported now.
+ Binary compare: found differences are added one by one to Differences combo box and File
  Comparator window is not blocked. So you can focus differences before comparision is
  finished. Moreover plugin shows comparision progress in title bar.
+ Binary compare uses buffered files when scanning for differences, instead of memory mapped
  files. It is up to 7x faster when comparing two files from the same disk.
+ Added Recompare to toolbar.
- When files were equal: if user did not close window, panes were empty. Now they are
  showing files content.
- The wrong calling convention of DragDropEditProc (subclassed WndProc of edit controls) was
  causing stack corruption on Win9X.

+ Better presentation of results: versions details are not shown until you click
  on "show details", text is not scrolled, refreshing when configuration changes.
+ You can filter out also Release versions and also only one version of module (not
  all versions of module).
+ Preview Build (PB) version of CheckVer plugin defaultly checks for new PB
  versions. It can be turned off manually in CheckVer configuration.

- Change case / Extension + Replace / Exclude extension: plugin worked with directories
  names as if they have extensions.

- If you were compressing file over 4GB and compressed result were also over 4GB, the
  resulting ZIP archive contained error in its central directory and so it was not
  possible to directly unpack it. Compressed data are OK, so it is possible to unpack
  the file after small correction of its central directory. Let us know if you have
  such archives and need to make such corrections.

Split & Combine:
- Subjects in static controls: file/dir name is truncated if needed, e.g.
  'Rename file "very long file name..." to:'.
+ Texts in generated .BAT file are in resources now (can be translated).
- If splitted file had filename with '&' or '^' characters, generated .BAT file
  for combining did not print its name properly: added '^' before these
  characters (escape sequence for 'echo' command).

Encrypt & Decrypt:
- Newly generated key file had all possible attributes (readonly, system, offline, etc.).
- It was not possible to change password for key file with readonly, system, or hidden
- Subjects in static controls: file/dir name is truncated if needed, e.g.
  'Rename file "very long file name..." to:'.
- Shred command: without selection in panel: it selected focused file/dir without
  refreshing Information line (it did not show proper data) and after Cancel in Shred
  dialog focused name seemed to be still selected (name was not repainted).
- Subjects in static controls: file/dir name is truncated if needed, e.g.
  'Rename file "very long file name..." to:'.
+ Exif: Added interpretation of MNOTE_PENTAX2_TAG_DATE & MNOTE_PENTAX2_TAG_TIME,
  instead of the default "4/3 unknown bytes".
+ Exif: Added exif_loader_get_buf() allowing to load exif data without automatic
  fixup and removal of bogus tags and directories.
+ Help: Updated list of supported file formats.
- Don't show EXIF info for deleted files.
- Fixed several bugs in Slavic languages.
- Exif: Fixed buffer overflow/memory corruption problem.

+ Remote Desktop Connection (Microsoft Terminal Service Client): added support for
  showing drives of local computer in Local Computer folder when you are connected
  to remote computer.
+ Windows XP Mode on Windows 7: added support for showing drives of host computer
  (Windows 7) in Host Computer folder when you are connected to virtualized
  Windows XP.

+ Support for accelerated mouse wheel scolling (scroll farther as you roll the wheel faster)
  introduced by MS IntelliPoint drivers. High resolution mouses are supported now.
+ It is possible to find longer texts (limit is 200 chars instead of 100 chars).
+ Better (Unicode-friendly) way of handling FindDialog.Text.
+ Tab as a potential field separator now has the same priority as ".:;," and higher than
  all the other characters.

+ Added showing real file offsets to resource data.

- Fixed several problems with unpacking archives with stored full absolute
  paths containing disk drive letter.
- Better handling of missing volumes of multi-volume archives (dialog with
  Browse instead of plain error).
Previous version change list: Altap Salamander 2.52.