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Altap Translator for 3.0

Posted: 03 Apr 2014, 10:31
by Petr Solin
EDIT: this version is obsolete, it was replaced by Altap Translator for 3.01

Changes in 3.0:
  • Altap Translator detects clipping of texts in dialogs in all values of DPI (see Control Panel / Appearance and personalization / Make text and other items larger or smaller or Control Panel / Personalization / Adjust font size (DPI)) from 100% to 200%. Each chosen DPI value can have different font size and also check box, radio box, and combo box icon/symbol/button size, so dialogs in Altap Salamander 3.0 beta 1 and in older versions are not displayed properly in all DPI values (e.g. in 125% or 180% DPI are many clipped texts due to different font proportions). We have corrected dialogs layouts in all supported languages.
  • Altap Translator contains some additional text clipping tests: static texts with variable content (e.g. current operation name in progress dialog), some combo boxes are tested to fit all their possible values (e.g. Schemes and Items in Colors configuration page), buttons with drop-down or more symbol (e.g. Options button in Copy dialog), and bold and variable texts in About and Evaluation dialogs.
  • Added Slovak, French, Russian, and Dutch versions. Only Slovak and Russian versions are complete, other versions need to be finished.
  • Version 3.0 contains new style of dialogs with different font, so layout of dialogs has been changed. We have altered layout of all language versions to pass validation tests.
  • On first start: main window of Altap Translator is maximized and child windows are placed to cover whole screen reasonably.
  • Layout Editor: newly is possible to move left top corner of control (Ctrl+Shift modifiers), specify how many times should be an arrow key repeated (e.g. '3', '0', left-arrow = 30x to the left), Size to Content on static text, checkbox, or radiobox also moves left side of neighboring horizontal line, specify directly horizontal spacing of controls (e.g. '6' 'h' will arrange selected group of buttons to have 6 units spacing), and Size to Content on right aligned static text enlarges control to the left side.
  • Slightly enlarged minimum sizes of static texts, buttons, checkboxes, and radioboxes (it makes dialogs more resistant to font changes).