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Petr Solin
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Renamer plugin

Post by Petr Solin »

I have received following questions, I'm answering to forum to inform more translators:
1) string 1218 Cyclic name dependence or dependence on file that cannot be renamed.

by "name" it means "File name", "Directory Name" or both?
It can be name of file or directory. So both.
2) Std- = ? How to translate this correctly? Std = "Standart error" ?
Please translate "Std-Error" simply as "Error".

"Std-Error" is in "Shell Command Error" dialog which is displayed if you use Manual mode and menu Edit / Filter List Through Shell Command to change names using shell command (or some third party command line program) and this command fails. "Std-Error" shows text produced by shell command to its standard error stream.
3) "two integer numbers end of name cut" What this means? "Remove 2 characters from extension"? or "remove 2 characters from the file's name WITHOUT extension"? And why exactly two characters?
I have found only this string with "two integer": "Expecting case specification ('lower', 'upper', 'mixed', or 'stripdia') or name cut specification (two integer numbers)."

This is error message for unknown format of substring from variable, e.g. "$(OriginalName:lower,1,-5)" means substring from lower case file/dir name starting from offset 1 from left (it means from second character) and ending 5 characters from right (or end of string). So "name cut specification" are two integer numbers: where to start and where to end. Try to click arrow button behind "New name" field in Renamer window and choose Substring item, it will open Add Substring dialog and I believe you will understand quickly.
4) " base (one of 'dxX') " What this means? Need to know the context to make correct translation.
This is error message for variable with counter. For easier understanding please try to click arrow button behind "New name" field in Renamer window and choose Counter item. In Add Counter dialog you can see field Base, it is numerical base used to represent value of counter as text, it can be decimal or hexadecimal (lower or upper case letters a-f or A-F).
5) Need some more information (context) about "Expanded string" to make correct translation.
"Expanded string" means string got by expanding all variables (e.g. substrings or counters). E.g. string with user's definition of new name is expanded to name which is later used for rename operation.
6) "Non-capturing Subexpression" . Need to know the context to make correct translation.
See menu Help / Regular expressions in Renamer window. See example for '( )' (especially "Reordering words in names") and then you will understand to '(?: )' which is Non-capturing Subexpression. Simply: it does not capture matched part of string ('( )' captures it).