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FTP Plugin

Posted: 05 Nov 2010, 13:15
by Petr Solin
I have received following email, I'm answering to forum to inform more translators:

I worked on FTP-plugin's translation.There are 1-2 dialogs and part of strings left. I need some help, because my knowledge of FTP is not enough:

"Edit columns"; "Parsers" " Raw listing" "column identifier" || - Need more info for correct translation
10110 No Passive Mode || - What this means? "Active mode", or other?
10111 Own Keep Alive || - What this means? "keep connection alive", or other?
10466 Autodetect condition || - Need more info for correct translation
10501...-...10579 || - Need more info for correct translation
10610...-...10617 || - Need more info for correct translation

I need to know context of it (docs maybe, or how to make this strings/dialogs appear on the screen (in program) to understand the meaning of it and to translate it correctly).

Re: FTP Plugin

Posted: 05 Nov 2010, 13:47
by Petr Solin
You can try to open Help (F1 key), maybe you will find some more information there. We have no special documentation for translations. You can also get some hints from Resource Symbols window in Altap Translator, sometimes we place there some comments for strings.

FTP server sends listings of files and directories as text, it was meant only for reading by human eyes. This text is "raw listing". When we want to get file and directories names, sizes, dates, attributes, owners, groups, etc. we must "parse" (analyze, split) this text. The format of text is not defined, each server type has it's own format, terrible mess. So our FTP client has support for writing your own "parsers" (simple script for parsing text listing). You can find them in FTP Configuration, last page Servers, click Edit to see editor for parsers. "Identifier" is common word in programming.

10110 No Passive Mode: see hint in Resource Symbols window in Altap Translator: Connect to FTP Server dialog: texts for editline with short description of Advanced features: passive mode is OFF
(passive mode (PASV) is FTP mode in which client opens data-connection; when passive mode is OFF, server opens data connection -- maybe it's good idea to see some Russian FTP client to see common Russian terms for FTP)
10111 Own Keep Alive: user changed keep alive settings for this connection (not using default keep alive settings)

IDS_SRVTYPEIMPERRINACOND (10466): Configuration/Servers: import of existing server type: Autodetect condition contains error (autodetect condition is used to choose which parser should be used for raw listing, see also ... arsing.htm).

10501...-...10579: these are standard column names and their descriptions, some of them are very special, maybe it's better not to translate them or nobody will understand them.

10610...-...10617: errors when loading/editing columns in server type, see also ... arsing.htm