Different sizes of property pages

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Petr Solin
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Different sizes of property pages

Post by Petr Solin »

I have received this question by email, I think it is better to answer here, maybe someone else will deal with it too.

What to do with this problem:
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Property pages are pages in Salamander's Configuration dialog in this case. All pages are displayed in one Configuration dialog, so their sizes must be the same. More precisely, if their sizes are not the same, all pages are automatically enlarged to biggest sizes in horizontal and vertical direction. We want all pages to have the same size because in this case no enlargement is needed and so you see all pages as they will be displayed and can make them pretty. :)

How to change size of dialog (property page) in Altap Translator:
-focus dialog (press F4 key to focus next error line in this case)
-open Layout Editor (press Ctrl+L)
-focus dialog (click on dialog border or press Shift+TAB)
-change dialog size to 384x231 in this case (use Shift+arrows or drag right/bottom edge of dialog by left mouse button)
-the current size of dialog is displayed in the information section at the bottom of Layout Editor window, see first row after W: (width) and H: (height)
-change other control positions/sizes to keep dialog "pretty"
-press ESC key and choose Yes to save changes.