Introduction to Altap Salamander language translations

Place to discuss language translations of Altap Salamander and plugins. We welcome any suggestions or reviews that will help to improve existing translations.
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Introduction to Altap Salamander language translations

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Altap Salamander from version 2.53 fully supports language translations. If you are interested in translations, please read following steps.

Step 1: Look at Language Translations section of this forum. Your language could be already there (as finished translation or translation under development you can help with).

Step 2: Download latest Altap Translator, install it, read included readme.txt file, and learn how to use it. Feel free to post your questions or ideas on this forum.

Step 3: If your language is not mentioned or seems to be abandoned, create a new post with subject "XYZ version of Altap Salamander" and let others know you are working on translation and you are looking for cooperation (see Dutch translation as example).

Step 4: Contact Petr Solin ( for temporary Altap Salamander registration keys for translators. In this contact email please confirm you agree with license agreement for Altap Salamander translations. Please copy text of agreement to email message and replace author_full_name with your name.
License Agreement for language translations available on ALTAP website
Copyright © 2017 author_full_name

Author of the language translation (the "Translation") is granting permission
to any person obtaining free of charge copy of Translation and use, modify,
merge, publish, and distribute it, providing that Translation stays free of
charge and the above copyright notice and this permission notice will be
included in all copies.
Step 5: Let us know about translation progress by posting to your thread. We will update translation summary. You can publish working copy of your translation as post attachment.

Step 6: When the translation is finished, let us know we should include it into the Altap Salamander installer package. We will also issue a lifetime Altap Salamander license keys (includes all plugins) for you, your family, or friends as our thanks for your hard work.