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Altap Translator for 3.08

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Please download new version of Altap Translator including language modules for Altap Salamander 3.08 and its plugins: Unpack this archive to C:\ALTAPTRL (other directory is also possible). Learn how to use Altap Translator in C:\ALTAPTRL\readme.txt file.

If you are using previous version of Altap Translator, unpack this archive to the same directory, it will overwrite (update) altaptrl.exe and other files in this directory and add directory "Salamand 3.08" with language modules for Altap Salamander 3.08. Your translated language modules will not be overwritten because they are in directory of previous version (e.g. "Salamand 3.07").

To import your language version for 2.54 or 3.0 to current version 3.08 see readme.txt section How to upgrade language version for new version of Salamander.

Changes in 3.08: