Unofficial German Language Files released.

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Post by Guest » 24 Apr 2006, 15:10

argh! Sorry, but this english is as terrible as starting a translation process by "search and replace" of all most used words. You won't know what's the proper english and german meaning when you are looking at the code if you mix up both languages.

I honor your work but Altavista Babelfish or Google translate have never been a satisfying solution for translation.

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Post by silbereis » 24 Apr 2006, 15:44

I am not also an "Official Translator" and want it also to be. The translation was and is a pure leisure time project.
Property since the Beta5 all versions into German translates now.
For my friends and acquaintance it led to which you can use the Salamander finally satisfyingly. :lol:
I wrote in the opening Tread directly, I regard this translation as pure Community Project and am today grateful for each reference to errors until. And that the Traed for the people is interesting, shows the fact which it the over 2000 Views of the Tread is.

In addition, I hope for an official translation for release Candidate 1! :lol:

At the 1.Mai everything becomes well and finally officially German!

Up to then all property.


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Post by Georgd » 09 Oct 2006, 03:40

@Silbereis: in RC1 i get some two plugin erros (encrypt and check update). Is it possible to show the correct name for the language files where EN or DE has to be chosen?

ALT+2 is still brief, not "kurz"
ALT+6 "kachel" is IMHO not that nice as it's not just one Kachel, "gekachelt" describes the result better.
Links => Sortiere nach => "Sortier Optionen" shall be one word
Links => "Spalten ändern" may be better translated with "Spalten auswählen" as they are not changed but choosed
Dateien => "Archiv hinzufügen" is misleading. "Zu Archiv hinzufügen" proposed, same for unpacking.
Bearbeiten => Erweitert => "Gewählte namen ausblenden". Hm. Salamander shall hide "Einträge" not merely names (as the extension shall be hidden also ;) ), same applies to other advanced functions
Optionen => "Benutzerqualifikationsstufe" is a very long and unusual word. What's about "Komplexität" or "Menüumfang"
Hilfe => "Version Salamander" is kind of skipping that much more then just the version is displayed. "Über Salamander", "Informationen zu Salamander" or the like might be better.
F5 => Optionen: "erhalte" insteadt of "enthält"
F5 => Optionen: in mask hints in first line the information is incorrect; it shall be " "*" steht für beliebige Anzahl Zeichen, "?" ein einziges Zeichen"
F5 => Optionen: in mask hints in 4th line "Auszuschließende Masken nach |" and later "ausgenommen" instead of "ausnehmen" (we're not talking about fish ;) )
F5 => Optionen => Erweitert: "Als letzte" to "Mindestens" and "Als meiste" to "Maximal" and "geänder vom" to "geändert zwischen" and "nach" to "und" and the hint shall change "Datum und" to "Datums- und"
Alt+F7 Button "gefundene Einträge hinzufügen" is not correct but "Schnittmenge mit gefundenen Einträgen" and "Hinzufügen zu den Sucheinträge" shall be "Hinzufügen zu den Ergebnissen" or "Hinzufügen zu zu den Treffern"
Alt+F10 bottom bar "KalkSpc" to "KalkGröße"

And several more (sorry, I'm too lazy to list more) pieces where the meaning is missed due to literal translation. IMHO this is a nice workaround until the official translation is ready, enabling persons not understanding English to use Salamander. :) Moreover it can be used as a source for inspiration for the professional translators. Personally, I will continue to use the english interface as I'm already used to several hotkeys that change (inside dialogs) and German translations usually don't transport the meaning of less dominant options etc. as good as the English ones.


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Post by silbereis » 17 Oct 2006, 08:14

Hi Georgd,
is so easy coolly this translate this for you. I unfortunately not. I translate most by Translator. There is nones of SDK then still the difficulty, this. Therefore everything with the RESHACK. So can be never checked, what has been changed just. A great task is. And I would not like to argue about language finenesses.
If no German version should come on November 1st, will I train some of your suggestions for improvement promised. We can then to discuss the matters with PM in union tretenum exactly once again. I am grateful for every help. And wrong translations are then changed certainly.:evil:

But as said I hope for a German version on November 1st. :lol:

Okay, okay, some changes and the faults have already changed now anyway! Download a new file in the Openingsposts.


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