Undelete scope? Or just directions?

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Undelete scope? Or just directions?

Post by Jeffin90620 »

Undelete doesn't seem to be doing anything close to what I want. This may be related to the fact that I accidentally did a Quick Format of the entire drive instead of just a file or folder and would like to recover it, but even so...

I opened Salamander in Administrator mode, invoked Undelete, then selected the now-nearly-empty drive. Following that, I see several folders with the following names:

{All Deleted Files}
System Volume Information

The above isn't very useful as the folders have very little information in them. The {All Deleted Files} folder just has files such as "eula.rtf" (repeated several times, though with different sizes), SetupResources.dll and LocalizedData.xml (likewise) as well as other files only listed once. I cannot operate on any file in the listing, but I can copy it to another drive where it can be accessed. The problem is, there aren't enough files listed to even begin to reference all the files that are currently hiding on the drive.

How am I supposed to recover any files, folders or (hopefully) the entire drive?
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Re: Undelete scope? Or just directions?

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You can't. Formatting has removed the directory entries, without which the Undelete plugin can't do anything. Undelete is for when files have been deleted.
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Re: Undelete scope? Or just directions?

Post by Ether »

You can of course try some other file recovery software that tries to detect the files without looking at the now deleted file table, but the results are not great, in my experience. Depends on the type of files you want to recover.
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