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re-activate Altap Salamander

Posted: 08 Dec 2014, 18:06
by Harry3
I lost all the content of my HDD - now new start win7 and co.
How I reactivate my account? I did it for months - the saved script is lost.
May be another account with the same name is in your files, (another Harry?).


Re: re-activate Altap Salamander

Posted: 09 Dec 2014, 11:50
by Ether
Do you mean the forums account?

Re: re-activate Altap Salamander

Posted: 10 Dec 2014, 08:55
by Harry3
First line I wrote: re-activate Altap Salamander

No useful answer comes from Altap. I paid 30€ a new time for Salamander butt...
no activation - Ordered Licenses: Altap Salamander 3.0: 1 license
I got Registration Keys:
Product ID: 141...
Upgrade Code: S....
with Best regards, Jan Rysavy ALTAP -

Thanks for your answer - What do I do with that?
My Salamander asks for import of certificat d'enregistrement -
the txt.file to join to the evaluation download. I did it in the past, I know (think) how it goes...
I do not find it ?(I watch carefully my mails...). Pls send it to me.

Re: re-activate Altap Salamander

Posted: 10 Dec 2014, 20:18
by Raptor
Check your email with license. There should be attached file KEYS25.ZIP. Use it as "Import registration" Salamander's ask for.

Re: re-activate Altap Salamander

Posted: 10 Dec 2014, 20:42
by Jan Rysavy
Hi, Please check your email, I just sent you your registration keys. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems.