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FAT32 limitation

Posted: 01 Dec 2014, 15:32
by alexvinchev
I have slightly unusual problem with the program.
I'm using pCloud Drive, which offers virtual "drive". This drive is reported to the Windows as FAT32, but is actually network drive and has no FAT32 size limitation (declared by the pCloud guys here: -> Q: Windows reports that pCloud Drive file system is FAT 32. Does it mean that the drive has the file size limitations of this system? A: No, there is absolutely no size limits for the files you add in pCloud Drive, regardless of the Operating System.)
When I try to copy file, about 14G big, windows explorer starts copy process, Altap Salamander says: ... K6ehMp4Pak
I know they are cheating, while reporting that drive is FAT32, but is it possible to overcome somehow this dialog?

Re: FAT32 limitation

Posted: 02 Dec 2014, 05:10
by SteveWalls
exFAT filesystems are masked as FAT32 to a host Windows OS. Otherwise, if this was true FAT32, no matter how it is spanned or addressed, it couldn't write such a large file.
There are several communication methods that are limited to the 4Gb limit of transfer because they use 32-bit libraries. I've seen similar issues when Solaris implemented zfs.
I certainly don't know, but I'd guess that Altap Salamander isn't using a 64-bit file handler to xcopy the file.
A solution might be to allow an external call process to use the native OS file handlers to move a file if detected to be over 4Gb in size.

Re: FAT32 limitation

Posted: 02 Dec 2014, 16:53
by alexvinchev
Yes, but then we will (maybe) lose the ability to control copy speed & resume copy operation...