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Do you want to change selection beaviour in Salamnder to: When NO ITEM is selected, AAA item is focused and user Ctrl+click the BBB item, both items will be selected.

Poll ended at 08 Jul 2006, 10:38

No, I prefer the current behaviour.
Yes, I want this new behaviour instead of the old one.
Indifferent, don't care.
Total votes: 19

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Post by AbteriX »

Tomas Kopal wrote:...
You said "some user", but we don't care about some hypothetical user.
And you mean ALL users could take the time to discusse in this forum too ?
So i only remind to think about this users too.
Tomas Kopal wrote: Are YOU used to the old behaviour?
YES, at least some times if i not use [Ins]-key.

I think special on long list of files, where one item
is focused above, but not visible.
Whit the new behaviour this could be dangerous.
Tomas Kopal wrote:Will YOU have problems with this change?
...So, NOW is the time to voice YOUR opinion, do YOU prefer the current behaviour, the new one, or you don't care?
So think about, *I* prefer the current behaviour.
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Post by JohnFredC »

Jan Rysavy wrote:JohnFredC, I suppose you are talking about the special situation mentioned above?

No item is selected + one item is focused + another item is Ctrl+clicked.
Yes, Jan, ONLY that special situation.
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Post by WillM »

I vote for the new behavior. Seems more consistent to me.

For example, if you have a focused file and do a shift-click on another file, Salamander selects all files from (and including) the focused file.

So it comes down to (for me) - why would the shift or control key modifier work differently in regards to the focused file?
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Post by Mem »

AbteriX wrote:So think about, *I* prefer the current behaviour.
Me too. I only accept selecting focused item with Shift+Click combination (which makes sense because it selects a group from start to end point), but not Ctrl+Click, which can add to selection file I am not aware of (focused item can be scrolled away from screen etc.). So I say - please leave this Salamander behaviour as is 8-)
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Post by Tomcat »

Here my 2 cents (if it is worth that much :))

First I leaned towards JohnFredC's proposal (consistent with WinEx and other tools), but then I experimented a bit in SS ...
Well, even if the selected vs. focused item issue may seem to be a bit academic in theory, in reality it is pretty intuitive (DO something to select a file, and do some more than just clicking it). I see no inconsistency with the SHIFT+click as for this action the focused item defines the boundary of a selection and is part of the selection as the SHIFT+clicked 2nd boundary.

I tried to remember if I ever had problems with this implementation and the answer is NO, I never had.

So my vote is: Make it optional (maybe in an 'advanced options' section?) or leave it as it is.
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Post by omega »

Jan already stated he will not add this in the configuration. I vote for current behaviour.
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Post by roger »

WillM wrote:I vote for the new behavior. Seems more consistent to me.
Absolutely true.
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Post by hotdog »

Tomas Kopal wrote:[...] do YOU prefer the current behaviour, the new one, or you don't care?
I vote for the NEW behaviour. It's more natural than the current one and fully compatible with m$ explorer.
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Post by Tomas Kopal »

OK, it's time to start a regular poll. Please, tell us your preferences...
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Can't we have both?

Post by johnd126 »

Couldn't there be a choice of methods selectable in the Options? I can see in some instances one way would be more preferable than the other.

For the most part I don't want to have to learn a whole new way of doing things just so I can use SS. I'd like the methods I already know to work smarter! Which they mostly do in SS. There's just a few niggling things that catch me offguard (like this one).
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Post by Jan Rysavy »

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