Mapped network drive contents don't update

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Mapped network drive contents don't update

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I'm using Altap Salamander 2.54 and ran into a strange issues with one of our network drives (Windows 7). New files placed in a directory on the network drive do not show up in AS, even after Refresh. At the same time, Windows Explorer has no problem seeing the new files. Also, if I place the new file to clipboard in Windows Explorer, it will not 'paste' in Servant Salamander, instead an 'Item Not Found' dialog appears which I believe comes from the shell as opposed to AS. It's like AS sees a different revision of the network file system. The only notable difference between Explorer and AS is that the latter is running as an administrator (that is, elevated, but the same domain user), but then I always use AS elevated and this issue never occurred before.

Do you have any ideas what might be causing this? I don't think it's an AS issue, but any ideas would be appreciated.
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Re: Mapped network drive contents don't update

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I remember having had the issue with a file not visible in Salamander as you describe it. It turned out to be reproducible with that filename in that directory. With another filename the thing did not happen nor did it happen with the name of the directory changed. I hadn't time to investigate further at that time and don't remember the folder name anymore. All I can say is, the names were compatible to my and the server's Ansi and OEM codepages and were within the 260 character limits. Also there were no clashes with short filenames. I was puzzled.
About the clipboard issue I cannot say anything.
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Re: Mapped network drive contents don't update

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Peter, can you reproduce this problem with AS running as standard user (without UAC escalation) too?

Internal note: could be related to problem described in Czech forum:
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Re: Mapped network drive contents don't update

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I've had a similar problem in which I cannot see a new file in the panel's listing of files on a network share, even after I force a refresh.

However, it didn't matter whether it was a mapped drive or UNC path. And I also could not see it using Windows Explorer, even forcing Explorer to refresh. So I didn't consider it an SS problem.

I do not use the Windows Offline files and folders feature, but still I suspected that the computer had slipped into some sort of caching mode. To test this, I used SS to create a new file (Right Click, New, Text Document). The instant that the new TXT file appeared, I was able to see the new file.

By following the thread in the Czech forum (even though I couldn't understand it) I found the link to the English TechNet article that offers a remedy. Here's that link: ... erverfiles

I realize that this thread is old, but I wanted to document my experience here.
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