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Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Posted: 29 Jul 2019, 19:59
by therube
Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Oh, I don't know Win10 (I kind of abhor it), & I don't know the particular machine, but...

On Win10x64 1709 if you open Salamander, icon shows up on Windows Taskbar as expected.
If you then click the Salamander icon again, which I suppose under normal circumstances, would hide (minimize, I guess) the window, well on this machine at least, it "hides" Salamander "for good".

Salamander remains running (actually salamand.exe & salmon.exe) - as "background" processes, i.e., there is no associated "Window", no way to "bring it to front".

Rebooted computer.
Ran Malwarebytes scan on computer. (Nothing.)

Same results.

Also check with Salamander 3.07, again with the same results.

I "must" have run Salamander on the particular computer in the past, but don't recall any behavior like that.

Checked on a different computer, Win10x64 1809, & that worked as expected.

Re: Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 12:53
by SvA
Please check your settings:
SalSetupMainWindow.png (26.84 KiB) Viewed 2947 times
Help wrote:Show icon of Altap Salamander in the Status area of Taskbar
When Altap Salamander is minimized, the taskbar button is removed from the taskbar. Instead, an icon is displayed in the status area of the taskbar, near the clock. A click on this icon restores Altap Salamander window.

Re: Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 18:06
by therube
That setting is fine.

2.Hidden (so no longer displays)
3.WUL displaying Hidden windows (Visible, shows as, No)
WUL does have the ability to (re)display hidden windows (Make Visible, & if not for a utility like that...)
Salamander - Nirsoft WUL - Visible-Hidden-Displaying Hidden.png
Salamander - Nirsoft WUL - Visible-Hidden-Displaying Hidden.png (21.63 KiB) Viewed 2937 times

1. Visible
2. Hidden, after having clicked the Salamander taskbar icon (which "hides" it)
No way to "restore" the window to become visible (that might not be correct, come to think of it?)
Salamander - Process Hacker - Visible-Hidden.png
Salamander - Process Hacker - Visible-Hidden.png (13.07 KiB) Viewed 2937 times

Nothing stands out (including Sysinternal's Autoruns) on the computer that I can see to cause this behavior?

Re: Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Posted: 30 Jul 2019, 19:03
by therube
Not seeing where other programs are displaying that behavior.

Logging into a different User Account on the same machine works as expected.
So I guess it is not Win10 1709, but something in the particular User Account?
(What, I've yet to figure out?)

Re: Win10 1709 Minimize "Hides" Salamander

Posted: 31 Jul 2019, 17:43
by therube
That setting is fine.
Er, well, not it was not.
I took it to be "fine", as it was checkmarked, so I just assumed it was meant to be.

When I put 4.0 in on the machine, I imported settings from 3.07.

There is no way I would have set that particular setting in 3.07.
Yet it was.
(Only thing I can figure was that somewhere along the line that setting was inadvertently clicked.)

And with that setting enabled, by default (I suppose), the icon was not displaying in the System Tray, so I did not even to think to look in there (at all - though when I checked the particular setting, that should have clued me in to do so - alas, that line of thinking did not flow through.

Anyhow, SvA, you were right :-).