Issue with PictView Being Tied to Current Folder

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Issue with PictView Being Tied to Current Folder

Post by tajmone »

Today I noticed that if I preview an image in AS (3.08 x64) and then change folder in the panel from which I launched PictView, I can longer cycle through the images contained in the original folder — it says "No more images available."

It seems that PictView is tied to the folder from which it was launched, and changing folder breaks its connection to the original folder, and from there on it will remain disconnect from any folder contents, even if going back to the original folder in the files panel.

I would expect every isntance of PictView to remain active for the folder on which it was launched, because ideally one would launch an instance of PictView for each folder containing images he wishes to compare, and then it would be possible to have multiple instances of PictView side by side, each pointing to a different folder, and cycle through the images of each folder, thus allowing to compare the various images of each folder.

Currently this is not possible, unless one launched multiple isntances of AS, and doesn't change path in the file panels, which is not very convenient.

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Re: Issue with PictView Being Tied to Current Folder

Post by therube »

(I've long noticed the same with View (F3) & just assumed it was to be like that.)
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Re: Issue with PictView Being Tied to Current Folder

Post by omega »

Actually you can open two PictView (PV) instances for each AS instance. Each panel pointing at different directories allows you to open two PV screens. Once you switch to another directory, pressing F3 a third PV instance shows up leaving the other one stuck with the last opened image unable to scroll back and forth.

By the way the last time Jan Patera logged on this forum was 1,5 years ago, i think PV development is pretty much dead.

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