Pictview plugin won't load anymore

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Pictview plugin won't load anymore

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Since last year I first got the message when I start Altap I get the error of 'salomon.exe' (Altap Bug reporter not running). This isn't a problem for me, but since I get this message I also get the error of the plugin Pictview not working (pictview.spl has not been loaded) So I can't view any picture formats in Altap anymore. And that's really annoying since I work with photos!

I've tried reinstalling Altap several times (deleting everything from registry), tried adding the plugin but I get the same error, and I can't figure out how to fix it.

I can't link the problem with a windows update or anything that might have caused it, but before it used to work brilliantly.

I run on Windows 7, 64bits.

Anyone got an idea how to fix it? Thanks :)