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Destroyed configuration in Win 10

Posted: 18 Sep 2017, 12:47
by SvA
I am running AS 2.54 in Windows 10.

I do not normally have any problems with incompletely saved configurations when shutting down/restarting Windows, even when I have many instances of Salamander running.

However, if windows initiates the restart on it's own, as a result of system updates, it garbles my configuration regularly.

Has anyone any clue, how I can tame windows to not kill any salamander instances still saving configuration data? or at least to be more patient, even if it restarts the system unauthorized?

In As 3.08, is there any program change in place to prevent this kind of error?

Re: Destroyed configuration in Win 10

Posted: 20 Sep 2017, 01:39
by SelfMan
Check the following settings as described here: ... n-process/

- start Salamander
- configure your preferred settings
- go Option > Configuration > General - disable "Save configuration on exit"
- go Options > Save configuration

Now it wont overwrite the configuration in the registry on exit.
You have to save it manually if you do change something and it wont remember the last visited directories.

Re: Destroyed configuration in Win 10

Posted: 20 Sep 2017, 15:51
by SvA
Thank you for your reply. I am not sure, what I should do with the information provided in the link. That information is targeted at Windows XP. Microsoft redesigned shutdown behaviour in Windows Vista. So, how much of it still applies? Furthermore, as I said, I did not have any trouble yet when initiating the shutdown myself. So, which user is responsible to perform presumptuous restarts in the operation system? System, TrustedInstaller, ...?

I would rather not turn off "Save configuration on exit". I consider the history helpful.

I'd like Salamander to just save history, windows position and the like, and save configuration only if configuration actually has been updated. An incomplete history could just be ignored, in contrast to an incomplete and potentially inconsistent configuration. Actually, having to save configuration explicitly would help me do configuration changes while more than one instance of Salamander is running.

Re: Destroyed configuration in Win 10

Posted: 23 Sep 2017, 02:15
by SelfMan
The HungAppTimeout, WaitToKillAppTimeout and WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry entries are still entries valid for Windows 10.
Check if they are set and what value they do have.
BTW what build of Windows 10 do you have? (go CMD and enter the "ver" command)