UnCHM invisible in 2.52b2

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UnCHM invisible in 2.52b2

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I updated to 2.52b2 from b1 with import of old settings.
I can not find a way to invoke the new UnCHM plugin. I can see it in the Plugins Manager, but "Show UnCHM icon in Plugin bar" is greyed out, it's not in the Plugins-menu and not in the right-click-menu of .chm files. So, how do I use UnCHM? I have no clue.


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Re: UnCHM invisible in 2.52b2

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Hello jkehrel,
there is no icon for the plugin bar. It's a kind of packer plugin like UnRAR, UnARJ ...
These plugins don't have icons too. You can unpack .CHM help files with this new plugin.
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Re: UnCHM invisible in 2.52b2

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Use Files > Unpack... menu option or Alt+F9 to unpack files from an archive. Or Options > Configuration... > Archivers > Archives Associations in Panels and add 'chm' to the list and associate it with the UnCHM plugin for List and Unpack, but after this you won't be able to run the help file using the Enter key (you can still right-click the file and select Open from the menu).
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Re: UnCHM invisible in 2.52b2

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