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Copying SEARCH Hits

Posted: 28 May 2017, 13:58
by jcgriff2
I have of course used CTRL-F to find anything + everything on my system with Altap Salamander.

My question is with the search results.

There is an option to "SELECT ALL"; then COPY. But nothing goes to the clipboard.

If I get 55 results in the search box, how can I copy that info out to clipboard or copy to Word or Textpad, Notepad, etc.

Screenshot - uploaded to my servers - ... h_box1.png (opens in web browser)

In that particular screenshot, I am looking for the words "Driver Reference" in thousands of any type of file, but I'm looking for PHP modules, even though I did not specify a PHP extension. The search is so fast, (<4 seconds), no real need to provide search criteria - except the phrase I'm looking for inside the files.

I have done ~10 searches with different words and phrases and still cannot find what I am looking for inside the PHP files that match. Very odd. ... inio64.sys

When the HTML title/description is obtained from the above Driver Reference Table (DRT) URL, it says "Driver Reference Table - winio64.sys"

That has been fine up until now, but I want to add the forum name "Sysnative Forums Driver Reference Table© Carrona, Microsoft MVP". We now have around 5,000-6,000 3rd party drivers in the table with viable working links to update the driver. Service is free no ads, no email sign-up - just a truly free driver repository. Microsoft forums use it now.

We're not sure exactly how it will end up yet, but I need to be able to copy the listed search PHP{/other modules from the search listing to more easily process them.

If I can get a full list of all 22 files per the sole screenshot above (in lieu of 3 or 4 screenshots), the author can review in seconds, copy/paste the module with the phrase + path to me.

Right now, he looks through screen shots and sends another screenshot back to me. It's more difficult this way.

Can the search output be somehow copied and pasted?



Re: Copying SEARCH Hits

Posted: 29 May 2017, 00:16
by SelfMan
The "copy" operation you do is a physical copy of the files. At the moment there is no native way to copy a list of filenames shown in the search dialog.
However, there is a workarround - create a custom user menu entry like this:
salamander-user-menu-filelist-creator.png (11.9 KiB) Viewed 5141 times
When you do the setup as shown above, then you can search for files, select them in the result, hit F9 and select "Create a file list".
THe list will be created on the C:\ drive as FileList.txt.
You can tweak the settings of the cmd output as you wish. The result will be written to the file.
Long file listings can take a while to generate though. All depends how fast your HDD\SSD is.

Re: Copying SEARCH Hits

Posted: 24 Jul 2017, 02:43
by jcgriff2
Thank you.

Re: Copying SEARCH Hits

Posted: 08 Apr 2018, 19:22
by Georgd
For those folks looking for solutions: More variations, e.g. including directories or creating a CSV including also file properties or copying the list into the clipboard, can be found in thread File list export from Find Files & Directories