Salamander Using 14 GB RAM

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Salamander Using 14 GB RAM

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Salamander Using 14 GB RAM

(Ah, I can't believe it, I lost my screenshot!
After having eaten so much RAM, my system was running awkwardly.
On XP, I'm used to both "Locking" my PC, & also "staging" a Shutdown, both of which release RAM.
You tell the computer to Shutdown, it starts releasing RAM, but then you are still Prompted before any shutdown begins.

On Win7, it seems some applications actually closed, & it was other applications that rather then closing automatically were looking for some sort of confirmation, & it was those that paused the shutdown process, that allowed me to abort the shutdown.
But by that time, my screenshot was gone. Sucks. [Got to see if there is a confirmation option in the screenshot program...])

going to attempt to duplicate, & want to at least have this much saved in case i end up crashing or something...

partially downloaded a zip
extracted what i could with 7-zip (command-line version, not from within Salamander)
tried an F3 on a particular .exe
RAM up...

Able to duplicate it.

Now let me see if I can make some sense out of it...

OK, it seems as if it is the particular .exe file.
The partial download was not the issue.
The .exe extracted from the partial download compared exactly to the same .exe extracted from the completed download.

So, I can just point to the file & you can have a look...

Webpage: ... converter/
Link: ...
(That's for the red/orange box, Download Portable 64-bit.)

Save the file, extract its contents.
F3 on the file, flvtoavi64.exe.

See if it doesn't eat RAM.

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