EBCDIC data being flagged as requiring binary transfer

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EBCDIC data being flagged as requiring binary transfer

Post by tfull » 01 Sep 2016, 16:18

I'm attempting to use Salamander to copy several PDS members (EBCDIC on IBM z/OS) to the PC. I've set the transfer to do ASCII transfers. This is working great for most files, but in some circumstances, the transfer indicates the data needs to transferred in binary. I expect Salamander has identified a character that it does not believe to be something that can be converted to ASCII.

I've reviewed a sampling of the files that are being flagged and can't find anything that might an issue. I am aware of certain characters such as a US cent sign, a NOT symbol (a little horizontal bar with a downward tag on the left end) that don't have equivalent ASCII characters, but have not been able to find any so far.

I've been able to transfer the file using other FTP clients in ASCII mode successfully.

Is anyone aware of any gotchas when working with z/OS EBCDIC to ASCII conversions? Are there any diags in Salamander that might be used to identify the offending line/character?


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Re: EBCDIC data being flagged as requiring binary transfer

Post by Petr Solin » 01 Sep 2016, 22:26

If you have some file which is not sensitive and you can send it to me (email), I can try to look what makes Salamander to think it is binary and not text file. You can also try to delete some parts of text file while that file is still detected as binary file.

You can also change File transfer mode in Advanced Options for FTP bookmark of your server to always transfer as ASCII or binary.

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