Tiny Toolbar Icons on Surface3 screen

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Tiny Toolbar Icons on Surface3 screen

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I have a MS Surface 3 Pro tablet/laptop running Win10. Salamander ver. 3.06 (x64) runs fine on it. I have used Salamander for a very long time and would be hard pressed to work without it! However, as you can see on the attached screen shot, the toolbar icons are so small that I can't see them, let alone use them. I have looked through all of the documentation, and am able to increase the font size on the panels, but nothing on the toolbar height/ icon size. I saw one forum topic of over a year ago ("icon size not dpi aware"), but it did not include a solution.

Is there a way to increase the toolbar height / icon size?

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Re: Tiny Toolbar Icons on Surface3 screen

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As you already found out, Salamander is not DPI aware yet hence there is no solution yet. Its a work in progress.
You might want to try to set a lower resolution on the surface. HERE are some tips how to do it.

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Re: Tiny Toolbar Icons on Surface3 screen

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FYI, related posts are Icon size not DPI-aware and HiDPI support
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