Vista - How to import keys?

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Vista - How to import keys?

Post by noetus » 18 Jan 2007, 02:59

I have installed RC2.5 successfully on MS Vista but I am not allowed to import my registration keys by Vista - I get the error:

"Cannot import C:\...\salamand.key: The specified file is not a registry script. You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor."

I also want to import the pictview keys as well to get that functionality, but I am more concerned about the registration keys - at the moment I am running the application on a 30 day trial, and that is annoying when I am a legitimate paid-up user. Please, how to fix this?

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Post by th. » 18 Jan 2007, 23:14

It seems to me you are trying to import the Salamander key file with the Windows Registry Editor.
You have to import the key file within Salamander.
See ... rtkeys.htm for help.

Jan Rysavy
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Post by Jan Rysavy » 19 Jan 2007, 08:39

Noetus, if you lost your KEYS.ZIP, please let me know on my email (attach some payment details such as name, address, email address).


Post by Guest » 30 Jan 2007, 19:50

Thanks - I found the file and imported the keys with Vista, success. :)

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