Salamander: Too long filename

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Salamander: Too long filename

Post by maiser » 11 Sep 2006, 17:32

I get the message that the filenames too long when i try copying files to my SATA disks. Those same files can be copied to any other NON-SATA disk, like PATA disks. I know this is not a issue of salamander, but i dont know where to search for help :( I know this since i get the same problem with windows explorer. But with windows explorer, all the files is renamed to *~*.*

Note: The filenames are NOT always too long. Sometimes they are just like other files, but cannot be modified, copied, or anything other than renamed, on SATA disks. But usually, the filenames are longer than the other files which can be modified in any way. As i told before: On PATA disks, this problem doesnt exist.

Those who have experience with this, or know about the issue, please guide me through this. Im really tired of the issue, having it for a couple of years now!

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Post by maiser » 11 Sep 2006, 18:33

Great! I just found out why it is like this.

The directory names and file names are all in the same category, what they call "filename", so if a dir is like this:

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then its too long since the max filename lenght in xp is 260 or something, and that one over "is" 269 long(lets think that it is). So the dir name is also included in the amount of signs allowed...

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Post by SvA » 11 Sep 2006, 18:34

Hi maiser

this sounds rather strange. There is a known limitation of Servant Salamander not beeing able to handle files with a total path length (drive or \\server\share + path + name + extension) larger than the non-unocode system limit of 260 characters. This, however, is independent on the type of drive. Furthermore, pathnames supported depend on the file system and operating system in general, rather than on the type of hardware interface.

As far as I know, Explorer automatically uses the unicode systems calls, which is limited to a total path length to something just below 32000 characters.

Could you please provide some more information about the disks you checked. Are they connected directly to a controller on the PCI(-express) bus, or are they connected through USB, Firewire, LAN or anything else?

What filesystem is on the disks? what operating system is running. Could you please also confirm whether behaviour is dependent on the fully qualified file name or just the file name nonregarding the path.

Have you installd some file system extension or filtering drivers, which might interfere?

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Post by AbteriX » 12 Sep 2006, 07:54


If you need a quick workaround only you may try SUBST.

If you have

you could use in the DOS-Box
C:\>subst X: "D:\AVeryLongLongLongLongLongLong\Long\Path"

Then you can access filename.ext as

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Post by Georgd » 08 Oct 2006, 19:04

AbteriX wrote:@maiser
If you need a quick workaround only you may try SUBST.
Visual Subst is making this task nicer ... subst.html

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