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Altap Salamander SDK on GitHub?

Posted: 25 Nov 2018, 15:25
by soerentsch
Hey all,
is there a plan to move the Altap Salamander SDK to GitHub?
Whould be greate. ;-)

...and of course an updated version ;-)

Kind regards,

Re: Altap Salamander SDK on GitHub?

Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 08:06
by vilo
Good point, GitHub is a good place for open-source projects, what Salamander SDK is!

Id' suggest moving there documentation, header files, and upon release, you will add binaries (salrtd9.lib, *.dll, *.pdb). Moreover there should be one repository for shared headers, and separate repos for demo plugins.

I see at least these benefits:
- community can see a progress in development, how much of the most wanted features has been implemented (mostly Unicode support),
- feedback from the community, reviews, discussions, tracking issues,
- community will help you with translating documentation (API is still mostly documented in Czech language),
- as this is a public repository, it is free of cost.


Re: Altap Salamander SDK on GitHub?

Posted: 10 Jul 2019, 23:45
by vilo
Hi there, what is the plan for releasing Salamander Plugins SDK 4.0? still has no public repos...

A few more comments from me how the repositories should be organized:
- SDK repo should also contain commit history. No need for complete history, simply just one commit per release (4.0, 3.08, 3.07, maybe a few more). It'd be helpful to see how the API methods and comments were changed through the time, and understand meaning of some multi-argument functions (fs is a good example).
- Plugins will be in separate repos.
- Demo plugins may stay under SDK repo, but UnFAT plugin is a production code, so it should be in a separate repo.
- You should then create SDK release packages (like as before, and host them on github (like I did it here:


Re: Altap Salamander SDK on GitHub?

Posted: 11 Jul 2019, 06:01
by Jan Rysavy
Yes, we plan to release AS 4.0 SDK on GitHub soon.