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Re: Service Explorer Plugin

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unfortunatly i do not have time to upgrade and improve the plugin to the latest SDK Version in the near future (my second son is born two months ago which is somehow time consuming). :D
Instead i have attached the full source code of the plugin to the first post in this thread - free to use for anyone.

I already tried to compile the plugin with the latest SDK in VS 2012 but failed due a few "abstract...." errors.
This may have to do with the fact i used the "demoplug" source back in the days as skeleton for my plugin and there seems to be some conflicts with the new SDK.
Nevertheless i do think this should be only a minor issue if you know the sdk and little bit c++. The source compiles fine under vc6 and SDK2.55

Hopefully someone will continue development on this plugin and will release a working x64/3.0 Version. :wink:
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