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Read before posting: Forum Rules

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Forum Rules (last revision 15. June 2007)

Welcome to the official support forum for Altap Salamander users. We welcome all your suggestions, questions, comments, or bug reports. To keep the discussion level of ALTAP forum on courteous and professional level, we request you to obey the following set of rules. Violating these rules can result in your post being deleted, your account temporarily suspended or even banned.

1. Search and read the forum before posting. Many of your questions have been already answered. To minimize post redundancy, search the forum and other relevant sources. Forum supports searching in existing posts using keywords.

2. Post one bug report, feature request, or suggestion per report. This makes it easier to follow-up on later and keep the thread focused on solving one particular issue.

3. Post your bug reports, requests, and comments into the appropriate Forum section: Problems and Troubleshooting, Feature Requests, and General Discussion.

4. Use subjects explaining the topic. Examples of bad subjects: "Help!", "I have a problem", "I found a bug", "A few requests". Examples of correct subjects: "Automatic refresh is not working on network drive", "Altap Salamander main window is always on top of all others.", etc.

5. Respect other members. Keep the tone of your posts helpful and polite. Opinions are welcome, but they must not grow to flame-wars and rudeness.

6. Stay on topic. Off topic posts can be moved, locked or deleted.

7. Keep your posts decent. Do not SHOUT, do not use excessive amounts of emoticons, '!' and '?' characters, excessively large fonts or glaring colors etc.

8. Keep your signatures decent. In your signature, do not exceed maximum of two short lines to keep the thread easily readable. Do not use signatures promoting products or services not related to Altap Salamander, or signatures containing pictures or links.

9. Posts, which are pejorative, gross, threatening, malevolent, obscene, sexually oriented, rude, agressive, or violating any laws in any way are not permitted in this forum.

10. Spam in ALTAP forum will be deleted without warning and its author may be banned. Please note, that informative discussion about Altap Salamander and anything related, incuding discussion about competing products, is welcome here. As spam we count obtrusive, annoying and repetitious propagation.

11. Moderators reserve the right to edit or delete any post, anytime and without explanation.

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