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by AbteriX
31 Mar 2006, 10:56
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Topic: Some productivity tips
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Unpack archive to subdirectory named by archive. wrote: if you use Alt-F6 for unpacking archive, it would by usefull to pre-fill the path into the field according to filename without extension. Jan Rysavy wrote: Look at Options > Configuration > Archivers and check "[x] Unpack to subdir...
by AbteriX
31 Mar 2006, 10:48
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Unpacking archive - pre-fill name
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Moderator: ... Look at Options > Configuration > Archivers > Unpack to subdirectory named by archive . I am just need this option too. Normally i have an seperate zipper installed. Since i carry SS on my USB-Stick with me and come to pcs without an zipper installed , i want to use SS to unpack zips...
by AbteriX
26 Mar 2006, 17:26
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Tab browsing
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JohnFredC bar visible at all times, even with just one tab.
I hate when windows and toolbars squirm around on the screen because
some element of a window layout suddenly disappears.
Here th same :D
by AbteriX
14 Mar 2006, 12:48
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Working directories in another way
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This is one of the ideas "Stefan" mention here =>

In that thread there are interesting ideas too.