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by pandronic
28 Jun 2012, 08:24
Forum: Early Access Program
Topic: AS 3.0 Edit files on remote servers
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AS 3.0 Edit files on remote servers

The one thing that I've always felt missing from Altap Salamander was the ability to edit files on remote servers. I've complained to the creator of WinSCP in the 2.x days and he said that this feature was missing from the plugin API ( ). Is this still t...
by pandronic
13 Jan 2012, 09:48
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: WinSCP remote editing
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WinSCP remote editing

I'm trying Altap Salamander and it's great so far, but remote editing in WinSCP is a must (without exiting the external editor after every save). Any chance that this could happen soon?