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by markiecork
21 Apr 2010, 14:55
Forum: Plugins Development
Topic: Flash Player Plugin
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Re: Flash Player Plugin

I make flash project.I want to convert .swf file to .exe file.
Can any one tell how to convert .swf file to .exe file?
Please tell me the which option is use for it?
by markiecork
21 Apr 2010, 14:50
Forum: Plugins Development
Topic: Plugin SDK: Tooltips?
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Re: Plugin SDK: Tooltips?

I have tried to use the SDK using this tips.
I got error.I don't understand how to solve this error.
please any one help me.
by markiecork
21 Apr 2010, 14:43
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Windows 7 compatibility?
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Re: Windows 7 compatibility?

Windows 7 has features Vista lacked, such as its multi-touch screen features, new drivers will be required. Hardware manufacturers may also choose to do new Windows 7 drivers to take advantage of under-the-hood improvements in the new version.
by markiecork
21 Apr 2010, 14:37
Forum: Problems and Troubleshooting
Topic: deleteing files directly in vista 64
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Re: deleteing files directly in vista 64

I think you need to install unlocker that inform what process lock certain files.ts a nice tool which can help to solve such lock problems.