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by g371
04 Oct 2019, 15:22
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Some productivity tips
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Re: Some productivity tips

When you copy photos or videos from some device, they sometimes have names like Y129902.mp4, select them and with Salamander's Batch Rename (Ctrl+Shit+R) tool rename them using New name: $(Date:yyyy.MM.dd) $(Time:HH-mm-ss).$(ExtPart) "Y129902.mp4" becomes "2019.10.04 16-15-02.mp4" and you don't need...
by g371
04 Oct 2019, 15:12
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Is Salamander dead?
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Re: Is Salamander dead?

I certainly hope it's not dead! It's still my all time most used application! I can work around unicode and long names, but please don't kill it! Devs, you cannot imagine how much time you have saved for everybody who is using it, Salamander should be added to some hall of fame of software done right.